Monthly Archives: July 2008

A Process Blast From the Past

I had a chance yesterday to present principles around the MAT to some people from a large organization.

It was fun. I hadn’t had the MAT material out in a long while, so I was almost as fresh to the topic as the team was. The neat part was preparing — very easy to prepare for something in which you built a business plan, filed for a patent, and spent a year trying to market!

In fact, it’s a bit of an anniversary. I started this blog 3 years ago with the partial intention of using it to help market the MAT. (If you don’t know what the MAT is, it’s a way for teams to self-assess what is going right and wrong and report that information up to the enterprise level so it can be fixed. It’s real-world agile metrics.)

So it was a blast. My presentation (I thought) was quick, to the point, and not as boring as the old ones. I gave up trying to sell the MAT a wihle back — it just seemed like I didn’t move in the right circles to help it get moving. Plus my direct software sales skills just aren’t what they need to be. So I’m just happy to have invented the thing and to be able to share the ideas with friends.

Interestingly enough, I think being away from a topic — especially one you have invested so much time, money, and emotion in — helps you be a better presenter than when you’re swimming around in it. At least from my personal experience, I tend to get defensive when I think people are calling my baby ugly. I think that’s one more reason to have more than one founder if possible.

If you’re interested in seeing the new material, drop me an email and I’ll send over the Powerpoint.

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Doing the Big “O”

I’ve been away from blogging for a while, working on a small project I have on the side. So my days have been mostly spent with getting up at 4, coding for 2 hours, working 10-11 hours, then coding for another 2 hours while I have supper and then off to bed.

It’s been fun.

But reality sets in eventually, and as it turns out, people are interested in the application I have been writing. So I am going to have real users. This led me to make a decision I have been putting off for some time.

I have learned that you just can’t go it alone — startups are just too much work for one person to do. In addition to continuing to create the technology, somebody has to be as close to the users as possible. Somebody needs to be thinking long-term, and somebody needs to do all of the little stuff, like arrange server space, or teleconferencing tools.

So I decided to outsource. As part of that process, I ran into Martin Olivares.

Martin lives in Cordoba, Argentina. He’s got lots of certifications and is familiar with the toolset I am using.

This should be a new experience! I’m interested to see how outsourcing can help a sole-proprietor create a business opportunity. Wish me luck.

If you've read this far and you're interested in Agile, you should take my No-frills Agile Tune-up Email Course, and follow me on Twitter.