4 thoughts on “Confession: I am Facebook Login Scum

  1. DanielBMarkham

    For readers, an interesting result of this post has been several comments from people owning facebook login similar sites — all providing links back to their sites, of course!
    I hate to be a link nazi, but I have to admit I’m curious as to the quick response by so many site owners with similar sites. I’m going to redact links for now, then consider adding them back in. I’m curious to see what kinds of impact this has on blog traffic (always experimenting!)
    Hopefully this won’t turn out like my last experiment in Google keywords. I still get 10K visitors a month for people searching for some cute kid that was a track star in high school. Total junk traffic.

  2. Alex C

    I really like this idea. I must admit that I spent a little while trying to make get-rich-quick spammy type sites for the google adsense revenue.
    Though obviously someone out there does very well with them, they’ve never done very well for me. What’s more is I don’t think I quite have the heart to actively work on building something that is deliberately trash.
    Making a quality site is far more fulfilling.
    Good for you for making this particular site. I hope it does well for you. It seems like a valuable service for the segment of the population that you describe.

  3. Neo

    I can’t believe you think people are searching for “facebook login” to login to their accounts on Facebook. I’m sorry to inform you that there is a lot of valuable content offered on Facebook that many of us can’t get access to. So we are searching for hacked Facebook accounts so we can see that information. Facebook just like Google tracks everything you do. Those of us that would like to keep a shred of our privacy, search Google regularly to find bogus or compromised accounts. Sorry to break that news to you. If http://www.bugmenot.com was working on this issue you’d never see any of us at all.

  4. DanielBMarkham

    Thanks for the comment, Neo.
    I don’t know how many people fit the profile you mention. I know that in the past 2 months I’ve gotten two emails from people with disabilities who were having trouble logging in. So there are other scenarios.
    One of the problems of making web pages is that there isn’t much feedback on why people actually use them — not unless you have thousands of folks coming by each day, in which case you could ask. You come up with a theory, put out some content, and see if it gets traction.
    I’ll keep in mind you guys if I update the site in the future. Not sure what I could do to help, but maybe you should just use a pseudonym and fake email address and stop trying to hack everything using Google?


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