Roll Your Own Linkbait Tech Headline

I’ve noticed two things in the last month. First, there seems to be an overwhelming number of stories in the tech world about how Google search results all look the same. Second, and ironically, how these stories themselves look all the same.

In fact, just like the Google Search Results for answers to tech questions, or reasons why git, Apple, and Node.js are so totally awesome, or ways your relatives can die in far away places and leave you fortunes, tech article headlines are beginning to all look like the same stuff, just re-hashed in various ways in a desperate attempt to try to appear new.

Since everybody else is doing it, you can too! Here’s my handy-dandy “Roll Your Own Linkbait Tech Headline” generator, complete with embeddable code for your blog. Sure, you’ll have to write the rest of the article, but I can’t be expected to do everything now, can I?

roll your own linkbait tech headline

copy this html to put on your own page

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10 thoughts on “Roll Your Own Linkbait Tech Headline

  1. doug

    Great technology, but I’m afraid spammers will start using this to get people to click on links in their e-mails.

  2. Matt Schick

    Just make sure that you make a broad statement, then use the body of the article to gradually show that your broad statement only applies to a tiny set of circumstances, those of which are commonly understood.


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