Weight Loss 2 – The Roux En Y

You just know that’s going to hurt

My journey towards bariatric surgery as a way to control my weight has been steadily moving along. It’s taking a lot longer than I had imagined!

We finally have a surgery date, though — June 5th at 8am.

For two weeks prior to that date, I’ll be on a liquid diet. The doctor says it’s important to do this in order to shrink my liver. Turns out he’ll be doing a lot of work behind my liver, and in some cases the liver can be so big he can’t get his work done.

It’s a pretty incredible piece of surgery if you think about it. It’s called a “Roux-en-y“, and what they do is 1) chop off most of the bottom part of my stomach and sew it closed, 2) connect the tiny remaining stomach into the small intestine a good ways down from the stomach.

This does two things. It decreases the size of the stomach dramatically, and it prevents your digestive system from absorbing all the nutrients you send it.

As you can imagine, this is a pretty big deal, and I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about it. It is definitely not a decision you make lightly. I chose the best doctors I could find within 700 miles or so, and i have a 4-hour drive each time I go see them.

After the surgery things will be much different. It’s not a magic bullet. In fact, once you are physically prevented from eating so much you can easily end up in depression. It’s a completely new way of living. Or as the nurse told me last week “Your eating is going to get pretty boring for a long while”

I’ll keep the reporting going. A grand adventure awaits.

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