Why I Finally Joined Mixergy

I’ve been looking at the mixergy site for a year or two now with a jaundiced eye. Mixergy is a site created by Andrew Warner, self-made millionaire. Its goal is to have a site dedicated to people forming their own startups. It’s a fee site. You can pay so much every month or an annual fee.

The reason I’m so skeptical? 1) Everybody and their brother wants to charge me for making my startup awesome. By painful experience, most of these sites and applications do not live up to their hype. 2) Andrew seemed like a nice guy, but, frankly, another rich guy with a successful startup wanting me to join in on his next successful startup didn’t seem like so much fun.

But I have changed my mind.


As it turns out, this is a good lesson for all startup founders.

Warner has been doing interviews of other founders and people in the startup community for a while. Every time he does an interview, he sends it out free to community. But if you want the older interviews and content, you have to join the site. So every so often, the people on his site consume his content and share it. That means I’ve been constantly exposed to his work.

Eventually, every now and then, I’ll click over and consume the content. Each time I do that there’s a small chance I’ll look around.

After a year or two of coming over now and then, consuming content and looking around a bit, I decided to take a look at his interview archives.

Jiminy Cricket! There’s almost 700 interviews in there. While “getting rich quick from your startup” has been done to death, 700 hours of interviews with successful founders is something I’d really like to take in. Even if their advice never directly makes a difference in their startup, just listening to their stories can help me get a better sense of context for where I am in my startup. And that’s worth money.

But the bigger takeaway? It’s one thing to have an idea and chase after it for a while. People see what you’re doing and say “That’s interesting, but are they really serious? I don’t think so”

After a while, though, it starts sinking in to potential customers that you’re not going anywhere. Then they start taking your seriously. For transactions involving money, just being out there isn’t enough. You have to be committed.

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